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PiFi Long Range WiFi Repeater

PiFi Long Range WiFi Repeater

PiFi Long Range WiFi Repeater


The PiFi repeater allows you to access a WiFi hot spot out of reach for wireless devices like smart phones, tablets, computers, cameras and more. By using the world's easiest WiFi repeater to configure you can grab the source hot spot's signal and recreate it through another router inside your shop, guest house, barn, camper, RV and more.

What you need: A PiFi, antenna, router and a mount. We make it easy to setup your system in the best possible way for your particular situation.

Non Techies Welcome.

The Easiest Long Range WiFi Repeater

PiFi Long Range WiFi Repeater
  • Long Range

    Reaches hot spots up to 1 mile away with a clear line of sight and elevation.

  • Super Easy

    Connecting and repeating a hot spot from far away is made easy thanks to our custom web based setup interface .

  • Durable

    Outdoor and weather ready for heat, cold, wind, rain and snow. Our equipment is professional grade, meant to last years of non-stop service.

  • USA Based Support

    Our PiFi guru's are based in the U.S.A. and ready to help along every step of the way. Call or E-mail an actual human for help.

Technical Specs

Info for the techie's that want details.

  • Wireless

    Wireless links over 2.4 Ghz up to 150mbps | 802.11b/g/n networking compatibility between the two locations.

  • Antenna

    Directional antenna option is rated at 14dBi with a 36° radiation pattern. The omni-directional antenna is rated 11dBi with a 360° signal pattern.

  • Router

    Basic router allows for wireless networking on 2.4Ghz with speeds up to 300 mbps. Our high speed router is dualband (2.4/5GHz) capable with speeds up to 1900 mbps.

  • Compatability

    The new hot spot allows all WiFi enabled devices like phones, TV's, Tablets, Computers, Cameras and more regardless of operating system.